Just Wishing

Oh how I just wish Santa and his cute little elves were real...

I have been hoping and praying and trying to save for one of these babies -

Cannon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR,


I try and try and try to save or make it happen but there are always more important things than a fancy camera. If Santa was real however; He would most certainly bring me one!
Or maybe Oprah?
Doesn't she give away cars and things? Do you think she would give my family a new camera to photograph our baby girl? 
I might even be willing to see Jacob's television for one of these bad boys... or maybe not.  I guess it depends on the day.

For now though I'll just keep wishing and saving and one day I'll have one :)
Hope everyone has a happy Thursday!


  1. Meeeeeeeeeeee too.

    Sadly our tv would not buy that :P

  2. Let me know if you find this person!

  3. I hope you can soon manage to get one! I absolutely love mine.

  4. I got one of those. I saved for 5 months to get it. It was worth it! I use mine all the time. However once you get one your friends and family will hit you us to take their pictures...but I don't mind.