Harper's 3 Months

Harper Bug - She was a bug on a flower :)

My big girl is 11 pounds now :) Ah, I can't believe it! 

22 1/2 inches long!

Clothing Size: 
Well she has finally started fitting into her 3 month clothes and out growing her gerber 0-3 months clothes.  Her 3 month pants are still a little too big on and she's still fitting perfectly in her newborn pants.  She's just skinny :)  

Still kicking in her size 1's :) 

We have finished our formula transition! She is doing wonderful on it and I have to say since the transition her pooping has been much more regular and her tummy is much happier :) She eats around 8 each morning, then 12 -1, 4p.m., and then 8p.m.  She averages 5 ounces each feeding but she's slowly eating more, some times up to 8 ounces! 

Her hair is looking more and more strawberry blonde by the day and her eyes are mostly blue with a hint of green and yellow in them like mommy's!

 she sleeps wonderfully still! And always in bed or cuddled with mommy by 10:30

Little miss has been fighting sleep lately though, we have been snuggling her up and cuddling to calm her and when she's calm and relaxed or already asleep it's into the crib she goes.

She always wants to be sitting up and looking at everything.  her favorite fascinations lately have been her crunchy dog toy and her car keys.  She holds on to her keys and and shakes them until they get thrown across the room.

Fun stuff:
 Talking! She is such a talker and noise maker and always has something to say!
She is holding her toys now too!


  1. I've been wondering how she's doing! The first photo is soo adorable! (But then again they all are). I've got a skinny girl too. At almost 2 months she finally fits in her first non-sleeper outfit. I was so excited. Glad to hear you still have a great sleeper. It's so hard when they're not.

  2. She is seriously soooo stinking cute! You have such a beautiful family

  3. She's getting so big! I love the picture of the 3 of you - SO adorable :)

  4. LOVE!!

    And I think I remember seeing something like the balloon idea on pintrest... I am glad people really do some of those things. Adorable (:

  5. Your pictures are all beautiful, but I especially love the balloons!